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Wide range of techniques to improve range of motion in the spine and remove interference of the central nervous system. Techniques include Thompson Drops, Diversified, SOT and utilization of an activator and other instrument assisted adjustments.

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Sleep Studies

Through the use of a laboratory grade at home sleep study machine, we can assess your sleeping patterns including oxygen quality, optimal sleep position, brain wave activity, heart arrhythmias and obstructive sleep apnea. We are partnered with a board certified sleep physician that can prescribe a CPAP or recommend a dental appliance.

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Pregnancy & Pediatrics

All of our doctors have received extra training in the care of children and pregnant mothers. This training includes seminars for ICPA, WEBSTER, and midwifery techniques for optimal baby positioning.

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School Physicals

Physicals required by the state for student-athletes to participate in school-affiliated sports. If you are interested in our doctors performing physicals at your school for a discounted rate, have your school officials call our office.

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Blood Work

We are partnered with Quest Diagnostics to bring blood work directly to the patient. By avoiding insurance, we are able to run any test the doctor and patient desires at a fraction of the cost. See “pricing” tab for sample prices.

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Functional Medicine

Using Laboratory analysis and a detailed physical exam to treat conditions of the body such as Thyroid dysfunction, Diabetes, Blood pressure and more. We utilize physician grade supplements that have been scientifically proven to improve metabolic function when used properly. We are partnered with board certified dieticians to help create a diet specific to you and your condition.

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With a urinalysis machine on site, we are able to quickly assess kidney and urinary function. With the number one complaint of a UTI being low back pain; our first goal of care is to assess and assure that we are the best route of care for your needs.

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Corrective exercises, ultrasound and E-stim to improve function of imbalanced muscles and joints.

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling


DOT Exams

Massage Therapy

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