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Matt Burton D.C.

Dr. Matt Burton has now come to St Joseph, MO to make an impact and contribute to the wellness of everyone in this region. Dr. Matt is a chiropractor whose passion is to serve. Convinced that people both need and want reduced pain, along with increased function and ability, Dr. Matt is making his contribution to chiropractic patients by bringing clinical expertise and what's known as best practice - that is to say, procedures that are prescribed, professionally accepted and most effective. Patient preference is a major consideration of treatment and procedures. That means your preferences and your considerations are of utmost importance and go hand in hand with your results. Make an appointment and feel progress towards doing what you love most.

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James Schoonover D.C.

Dr. James Schoonover is native to Mound City, MO where he earned his high school diploma and the honor of valedictorian. While attending Missouri Western State University, he played football and pursued the field of engineering. Following a career-ending football injury, he gained interest in the natural approach to healthcare using chiropractic and quickly changed his major to pre-med/Human Biology. He received his doctorate in chiropractic from Cleveland University – Kansas City and spent his first three years of his career working as an associate doctor in Maryville, MO. Through his post-grad training, he has accumulated over 1,000 hours in fields of study including functional neurology, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, acupuncture, injury rehab and laboratory analysis. He has completed his board certification for IV therapy and is currently working on his certification in neuropathy. 

He is passionate about serving his community as an assistant coach for high school baseball and football at Saint Joseph Christian and serves as an adjunct professor for Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology at Missouri Western State University when he isn't working with the athletes. 

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